Moto Freaks that was launched to satisfy our passion to introduce in India unique innovations for lovers of novel feature on automobiles

Moto Freaks is located in Mumbai (Mulund) & aims to provide the best products & services to Indian car owners under one roof, a one stop shop for all their car needs, covering performance enhancement, accessories, general repairs or painting. We do it all through very carefully chosen channel partners who are amongst the very best in their trade whilst making sure that the prices justify the quality and jobs carried out.

Moto Freaks currently distributes products from various international companies. We currently undertake jobs related to installation of turbo chargers, Nitro-oxide systems (NOS), Stand Alone ECU’s and EMS, Suspension and brake upgrades, engine swaps, We install custom Sports Exhaust Systems.

Ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining high quality standards is our prime goal. Our projects so far have delivered packages that not only offer driving pleasure but also a great racing experience to our customers.

We also provide Performance Air Filters, and Ignition systems. Our services include Interior jobs Painting and wide range of enhancements / modifications to your vehicle.